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Penetration behavior

Powder Coatings Glossary
    Describes the penetration of the coating powder into inneredges, cavities and recesses duringthe coating process

Behavior, английский
  1. Comportamiento

  2. N амер., псхл. поведение deviant ~ девиантное поведение linguistic ~ языковое поведение speech ~ речевое поведение

  3. Поведение, работа (конструкции, материала); режим, характер (работы) о ~ under heat работа (конструкции) при нагревании ~ of construction materials работа [поведение] строительных материалов ~ of structures работа [поведение] конструкций [сооружений] ~ of structures at the working loads работа сооружений [конструкций] при эксплуатационных нагрузках

  4. A succession of states (ashby) starting with the first and ending with the last one observed. the protocol of an observed system`s changes from one state ·to the next. whether behavior is merely identified by its name described in terms of a transformation or function, or represented by a generative device, it must ultimately refer to or reproduce a sequence of states or a trajectory in space. behavior sfaqe

  5. A component that controls various run-time aspects of a service, an endpoint, a particular operation, or a client. behaviors are grouped according to scope: common behaviors affect all endpoints globally, service behaviors affect only servicerelated aspects, endpoint behaviors affect only endpoint-related properties, and operationlevel behaviors affect particular operations.

Behavior description, английский
    Описание на поведенческом уровне; поведенческое описание

Behavior entering field, английский
    Поведение при входе в поле

Behavior extension element, английский
    An xml element in a configuration file that allows you to configure a service behavior.

Behavior intervention, английский

Behavior intervention plan, испанский
    Plan made by a local educational agency (lea) as part of an individualized education program (iep), to change the behavior of students who harm themselves, assault others, or are destructive

Behavior intervention plan, английский

Behavior of offshore structures, conference on, английский

Behavior testing, английский
    Тестирование поведения

Behavioral, английский
  1. Характеризующий поведение

  2. A амер., псхл. поведен- ческий flexibility, repertoire

  3. Поведенческий

Behavioral analysis, английский
    Functions that enable users to track the online activity of prospects, customers, and all types of internet users.

Behavioral animation, английский
    Анимация поведения

Behavioral competency, английский
  1. Behavioral competency is essentially an evaluation of the character traits of an employee

  2. Behavioral competency is a concept that assesses an individual`s ability to demonstrate specific behaviors that are essential for successful performance in a specific position or occupation.

  3. The behavior qualities and character traits of a person. these act as markers that can predict how successful a person will be at the position he/she is applying for. employers should determine in advance what behavioral competencies fit the position and create interview questions to find out if the candidate possesses them.

Behavioral compiler, английский
    Компилятор поведенческого уровня проектирования; поведенческий компилятор

Behavioral epidemic, английский

Behavioral finance, английский
    An important subfield of finance. behavioral finances uses insights from the field of pyschology and applies them to the actions of individuals in trading and other financial applications.

Behavioral health, английский
    Salud comportamental

Behavioral hypothesis, английский
    Гипотеза в отношении поведения

Behavioral interview, английский
  1. Job interview method based on past work behavior

  2. Job interview method based on past work behavior interview process to predict future performance based upon how the candidate acted in past work situations

Behavioral language, английский
    Язык описания поведения (системы)

Behavioral model, английский
    Поведенческая модель

Penetration, английский
  1. Доля населения, потребляющая данный товар (группу товаров, марку)

  2. Расчетное время и пункт входа в зону опознавания рубежа пво «дью»

  3. Проникновение; пробивание (облаков)

  4. The act of penetrating  the penetration of the vagina by the penis  penetration of an ovum by a spermatozoon

  5. Проникновение; преодоление защиты

  6. Глубина погружения (напр, кессона) ~ of filter проскок (характеристика эффективности воздушного фильтра) ~ of frost промерзание 404 pergola

  7. Entry of phage or virus into a host cell through injection, endocytosis, or membrane fusion

  8. Consistency, expressed as the distance that a standard needle or cone penetrates vertically into a sample of the material under prescribed conditions of loading, time and temperature.

  9. The maximum depth from which indications can be measured in a material.

Color deviation, английский
    Difference in shade between sample and component or between different components

Resistance to ground, английский
    Describes the measured resistance between the workpiece surface and the ground connection