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Глоссарий терминов для фэшн-индустрии, моды, дизайна и текстиля

    A term commonly used to describe a jacquard or dobby fabric to distinguish it from a printed fabric. wyzenbeek: refers to a fabric abrasion test method that uses the wyzenbeek machine to test fabr... плетеный;
    A natural or synthetic substance that adds color to fabrics, fibers, or yarns, incorporated by chemical reaction, absorption, or dispersion. various types are used, depending on results desired an...
loom state
    The state of woven fabric after being taken off the loom and before being dyed or finished. m man-made fiber: also referred to as manufactured fiber, it is a fiber that is chemically produced rath...
up the roll
    A term that describes the way fabric comes off the roll. it is the direction in which a fabric is normally used when it is being applied as upholstery. a fabric used vertically or the way it comes...
id cord
    An identification cord of longer floats woven into the right selvage of a roll of fabric to clearly mark the face and direction of the fabric. also known as a “truth mark”. part of bifma standard ...
antimicrobial finish
    Chemical treatment applied to a fabric to combat growth of disease-causing microbes, general bacteria, infectious diseases, and various targeted organisms. b backing/back-coating: a polymer or res...
barrier cloth
    1. a nonporous layer of nonwoven material laminated to the back of a fabric during finishing; the layer will not allow fluids to pass through and is most commonly used in healthcare applications. ...
    A framework on which fabric can be held taut for drying or other treatment during manufacture. terratex: a registered trademark of true textiles, inc., for a classification of environmentally cons...
novelty yarn
  1. A yarn with special color effects such as space-dyed yarn, or textural effects such as nubs, slubs, or built in irregularities. needle-punched: the process of passing a fabric through a series... fancy yarn;
purchasing group
    An entity that is created to leverage the purchasing power of a group of businesses to obtain discounts from vendors based on the collective buying power of the members. ff&e’s are one type of pur...
  1. The formation of small fuzzy balls of fiber, called pills, on the surface of a fabric by abrasion in wear. it is considered a defect when excessive. refer to act voluntary textile performance ...
    Any processes or treatments applied to a material to alter or change the look, feel, or performance. some examples are calendering, coatings, embossing, fire resistance, heat treatments, laminatio...
  1. One of three basic weaves. twill weaves give the appearance of a diagonal line created by the offset progression where weft yarns pass over one or more warp yarns, then under one or more warp ... саржа;
plain weave
  1. Simplest weave structure in which one warp end weaves with one filling yarn producing a flat-surfaced fabric with the smallest possible floats. quality and strength depends on yarn quality, ya...
    A metal piece that carries the weft half way across the fabric and is caught by a second rapier and pulled the rest of the throw. this is an alternative to using a shuttle.
seam slippage
  1. Seam slippage refers to the condition that occurs when a fabric pulls apart at a seam. refer to the act voluntary textile performance guidelines under physical properties for specific seam sli...
directional fabric
    Used to describe a fabric that has a specific orientation due to pattern, nap, construction or weave that needs to be considered when the fabric is being applied. see also non-directional.
dye lot
    A quantity of textile fiber, yarn, or woven goods dyed in one production run. lot size can vary greatly depending on the mill or finishing plant’s dyeing processes and equipment.
    An effect created in the finishing process. as fabric passes through abrasive rollers, the face of the fabric is napped, leaving the fabric with a soft hand resembling suede.
    A company that takes old, existing office panel systems and chairs, repaints and recovers them with new fabric and typically markets them as a more eco-friendly alternative.
batch dyeing
    A dyeing process in which textile materials, usually 100 to 1,000 kilograms by weight, are loaded into a dyeing machine and dyed together in a batch.
synthetic fiber
  1. Fiber manufactured from chemical compounds, e.g., nylon, polyester, olefin, acrylic, vinyl. t tensile strength: the ability of fiber, yarn, or fabric to resist breaking under tension.

bio based product
    A commercial or industrial product (other than food or feed) that utilizes biological products or renewable domestic agricultural (plant, animal and marine) or forestry materials.
cut yardage
    Fabric in less than full-bolt or roll increments (average 50 yards). cut yardage orders are determined by the yardage required for the specific project. d
open line textiles
    A non proprietary group of textiles that are available to buy by anyone. guilford of maine is the open line brand of true textiles.
  1. French word for an irregular or random stripping effect in a cloth, which is created by using varying shades of the same color.

  2. A term describing any cloth having irregular stripes ...
  1. A fabric with a pebbled texture created either by a crepe weave construction or by hard-twist filling yarns, chemical treatment, or embossing.

  2. A lightweight fabric characterized by ... chemical treatment,;
staple fiber
  1. Natural or cut continuous filament fibers used to make spun yarns. stock-dyed: fiber that has been dyed before being spun into yarn.

  2. Staple
    The number of colors in a color line for any given fabric pattern. also see sku. com: see customer’s own material.
polyurethane fiber
  1. A lightweight, durable, elastomeric filament composed of at least 85% of a segmented polyurethane. also known as spandex.

  2. Легкая, прочная эластомерная нить, состоящая не менее чем н... spandex fiber;
moisture barrier
  1. A protective barrier finish applied to a fabric that does not allow a liquid to pass through.

  2. Защитная барьерная отделка, наносимая на ткань, которая не пропускает жидкость.
box motion
  1. The map of how many yarns and in what order are used in each specific pattern.

  2. Карта того, сколько нитей и в каком порядке используется в каждом конкретном узоре.
panel fabric
  1. Typically 66” wide and used on office cubicle panels, acoustic panels and other vertical surface applications.

  2. Обычно имеет ширину 66 дюймов и используется на панелях офисных шкафов...
greige goods
  1. Woven fabric not yet dyed or finished. also referred to as “grey” goods. h

  2. Ткань еще не окрашена и не обработана. также называют «серыми» товарами. час
commercial match
  1. The commonly used term to describe acceptable color variation from a color standard.

  2. Обычно используемый термин для описания приемлемого отклонения цвета от цветового стандарта.
  1. Textiles constructed by interlocking or fusing fibers using adhesives, pressure or heat.

  2. Текстильные изделия, изготовленные путем переплетения или сплавления волокон с использование...
plied yarn
  1. A yarn formed by twisting together two or more singles yarns.

  2. Пряжа, полученная путем скручивания двух или более одинарных нитей.

  3. A yarn formed by twisting together two o... folded yarn;
recycled polyester
  1. Reclaimed polyester made from either post-industrial or post-consumer resins.

  2. Восстановленный полиэстер, изготовленный из постиндустриальных или бывших в употреблении смол.
package dyed
    See yarn dyed.

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