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File Formats Glossary

    A multimedia container format defined by the 3gpp (third generation partnership project) to be used on 3g mobile phones and certain mobile devices, such as the nintendo dsi. the 3gp file format st...
    A multimedia container format defined by the 3gpp (third generation partnership project) to be used for 3g mobile phones. the 3g2 has some slightly enhanced storage and streaming features in compa...
    An open source container format for compressed files archived using the 7zip open source software. it is a popular alternative to archiving tools such as winzip and can almost always achieve signi...
  1. An audio codec specially optimized for live speech. as such, it is a popular format for low-bitrate spoken-word recordings, and has become a standard for 3g-enabled mobile devices such as smar... adaptive multi-rate audio codec; advance material request; airborne magnetic recorder; air movement recorder; altitude marking radar; analytical measurement range.; automatic message recording; амр;
  1. A backup file of the ifo file on a dvd, containing the information about the track, organization, menus, chapters, and subtitles on the disk. it is used as a redundant way to access informatio... back up; bulk unit programme;
  1. An open-source lossless audio format. has much higher file sizes than the same file encoded with a lossy format such as mp3 but is guaranteed to have the same quality as the source material. i... free lossless audio codec; florida automatic computer;
  1. A cd or dvd image file, used for digital storage. it is usually a raw dump of the contents of the disk, and often contains the exact same file structure as an iso, to the point that the extens... inertial measurement group;
mp2 mpeg-1 audio layer ii
    Part of the mpeg-1 video encoding format, mp2 predates the mp3 format and is used with older containers such as video cds. it generally has much larger-filesizes than mp3 but requires less powerfu...
    The official multimedia container format for mpeg-4 video and audio. it is a more open and generic version of the quicktime file format, which uses the mov extension. a versatile container, is has...
  1. An identification file with release and general information that is packed with a software program. they contain an ascii text file that can be read using a generic text editor. nfo files were... naval flight officer;
  1. A proprietary cd image file format used by nero burning rom to create and burn cd images. despite its proprietary nature, various programs can read it, including alcohol 120%, daemon tools and...
  1. A file format for storing multimedia playlists that can also store information about each particular song such as song title and length. it is generally more descriptive than an m3u file, and ... propellant loading sequencer; propellant loading system; professional land surveyor;
    A file that typically arrives bundled with files downloaded off the internet, it is a means of checking that the files downloaded are complete by matching the data with the sfv file. this is due t... simple file verification;
  1. A text-based subtitle format known also as subrip. srt subtitles are usually found in divx or xvid encoded avi files. it is a plain-text file that simply queues when to display a subtitle line... supporting research and technology; system reaction time; standard reference time; source route transparent;
  1. Previously standing as an abbreviation for shockwave flash, swf is a file format of a compiled fla used by adobe flash. a swf may contain vector graphics and rich media including images, audio... small web format; special weapons facility; shallow water flow;
  1. One of the core files found on a dvd, it is a container format for all the movie data layered together, containing audio, video, subtitle, menu, and navigation data. vob files can be up to 1gb... video object; vacuum optical bench;
    A video compression format for several codecs by microsoft, designed originally for streaming applications on the internet. it has also become adopted as a video format compatible with blu-ray dis... windows media video;

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