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Peeled veneer

Англо-русский словарь по таре и упаковке

    Лущеный шпон, русский

    Peel, английский
    1. Converting a log into veneer by rotary cutting.

    2. To convert a log into veneer by rotary cutting

    3. A stronghold of earth and timber for defence. also, the wash of an oar.

    4. To fall.

    Peel able plastics, английский

    Peel off, английский

    Peel tower, английский

    Peel, rind, zest, английский

    Peel-off sterilized bag, английский

    Peel., английский

    Peel. peen, pean the end of a hammer opposite the flat hammering face; may terminate in a coneshaped, rounded, or sharply pointed face. pedimented dormer pediment 1. in classical architecture, a triangular gable usually having a horizontal cornice, with r, английский

    Peel. pellet 1. any small, round, decorative projection; usually one of many. 2. a circular wood plug which covers a countersunk screw., английский

    Peele, английский

    Peeler, английский
      High-grade log from which veneer is peeled, on a lathe, for the production of plywood. peelers are most frequently from old-growth trees. the resulting veneer is usually clear and used in sanded plywood (12).

    Peelie-wallie, английский

    Peeling, английский
    1. Волна снимает с себя кожуру, когда постепенно разбивается по всей длине, создавая идеальные условия для катания на доске.

    2. Pelándose

    3. Шелушение, отслоение (краски, бетона); отлупы

    4. Peeling is a marginalization technique used in a graphical model. it successively eliminates variables not in the target set, propagating their associated belief and probability values to the remaining variables in the model. it is limited in that it can only produce one set of marginals at a time. an alternate approach is the fusion and propagation algorithm. see also: fusion and propagation, graphical model, marginalization.

    Peeling-off, английский

    Peels, английский
      Plasmon electron energy loss spectroscopy

    Venedic / wenedyk, английский

    Veneer, английский
    1. A thin layer or sheet of wood.

    2. Extremely thin sheets of wood. also a thin slice of wood or brick or stone covering a framed wall.

    3. A thin decorative layer of wood which is applied to underlying wood solids to match

    4. Шпон

    Veneer base, английский
      A type of gypsum lath sheeting, usually 4 ft (121.9 cm) wide, available in various thicknesses and lengths; has a gypsum core with a special paper facing which permits veneer plaster to be applied.

    Veneer basket, английский

    Veneer laid in a, английский
      Flemish bond pattern with the facing secured to the timber framing by decorative wrought-iron anchors; where wood was plentiful, wide weatherboarding used as siding instead of brick facing; stone walls in regions where stone was commonly available; a parapeted gable-end wall often facing the street; typically, corbie gables or steeply pitched straight-line gables; often, a gambrel roof with flared eaves; usually, a brick chimney within the exterior walls, topped with a chimney cap; casement windows with small glass panes in cames; battened shutters (later replaced by double-hung windows); a dutch door or paneled double door, often with a transom light above; usually an exterior stoop in front of the door. dutch colonial revival revival architecture from the late 19th century onward, loosely

    Лущеный шпон, русский

    Луковый обруч, русский