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Глоссарий медицинских терминов - страница 1

    Solvent abuse
health authority
    Strategic health authority
fatigue fracture
    Stress fracture
cot death
    Sudden infant death syndrome (note: the us term is crib death.)
temper tantrum
    The elderly people aged over 65
  1. The injured people who have been injured  all the injured were taken to the nearest hospital.

  2. Herido
new variant cjd
    Variant cjd
    (in babies) the act of bringing up small quantities of curdled milk into the mouth after feeding
oedipus complex
    (in freudian psychology) a condition in which a boy feels sexually attracted to his mother and sees his father as an obstacle
    (in psychiatry) the act of ignoring or forgetting feelings or thoughts which might be unpleasant
electra complex
    (in psychology) a condition in which a girl feels sexually attracted to her father and sees her mother as an obstacle
    (in psychology) the part of the mind which is a person’s conscience, which is concerned with right and wrong
    (informal ) 1. a session of physiotherapy treatment 2. a physiotherapist
    (informal ) 1. same as hypodermic syringe 2. an attack of hypoglycaemia, experienced, e.g., by people who are diabetic
  1. (of the lens of the eye) the ability to focus on objects at different distances, using the ciliary muscle

  2. A jerk made by the forearm when the insertion in the radius of one of the m...
    (of veins) the condition of being swollen and twisted
community psychiatric nurse
    . also called community mental health nurse. abbr cpn
    1. (in psychology) a condition in which a person is 139 eyetooth interested in people and things other than themselves 2. a congenital turning of an organ inside out
    1. (of cells or microbes) the fact of being able to move about 2. (of the gut) the action of peristalsis
    1. (of the penis or clitoris after an erection or orgasm) the process of becoming limp 2. (of a swelling) the process of disappearing
    1. a biological compound containing carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. carbohydrates derive from sugar and are an important source of food and energy. 2. food containing carbohydrates  high carbohydrat... углевод; carbohidrato, hidrato de carbono;
  1. 1. a category of microorganisms or bacteria which have some antigens in common 2. a series of common antigens which exists in microorganisms and bacteria  also called serological type  verb ...
    1. a cavity in the lungs containing pus 2. the act of vomiting pus from the throat or lungs
  1. 1. a cavity inside the body, including the cavities inside the head behind the cheekbone, forehead and nose  the doctor diagnosed a sinus infection. 2. a tract or passage which develops betwe... sinus, seno, cavidad;
    1. a cell which destroys bone 2. a surgical instrument for breaking bones
    1. a change in the way something is organised or done 2. the process of changing the way something is organised or done 3. an occasion when a business or organisation is given a completely new str...
cardiac impression
    1. a concave area near the centre of the upper surface of the liver under the heart 2. a depression on the mediastinal part of the lungs where they touch the pericardium
    1. a condition in which a bone separates into parts 2. dislocation of bones at an immovable joint
    1. a condition in which a cavity or organ becomes swollen because there is too much mucus in it 2. the swelling produced by this condition
    1. a condition in which a person eats too much 2. a compulsive desire for every kind of food
    1. a condition in which iron deposits form in tissue 2. inflammation of the lungs caused by inhaling dust containing iron sids sids abbr sudden infant death syndrome
    1. a condition in which part of the lung or pleura is herniated 2. fluid in the pleural cavity
    1. a condition in which someone has constant irrational thoughts which they cannot control 2. the regurgitation of food from the stomach which is then swallowed again
  1. 1. a condition in which two or more conditions exist in someone, whether or not they are connected  he was admitted to hospital suffering from pneumonia with complications. 2. a situation in ... complicación;
    1. a congenital condition in which the upper parts of the limbs are missing or poorly developed, leaving the hands or feet directly attached to the body 2. a congenital condition in which the legs...
    1. a corn on the foot 2. severe pain in the head, like a nail being driven in
    1. a cyst which opens off the pharynx 2. a hernia of part of the pharynx
    1. a disease of the nose in which the nasal passage is blocked and mucus forms, giving off an unpleasant smell 2. any unpleasant discharge from the nose (note: the us spelling is ozena.)
    1. a disease with eruption of vesicles or pustules 2. same as syphilis (old)
    1. a disorder of the sense of taste 2. an unpleasant taste in the mouth
  1. 1. a doctor who specialises in the study of diseases and the changes in the body caused by disease, examining tissue specimens from patients and reporting on the presence or absence of disease... patólogo(a);
    1. a drug in soluble material which is pushed into the vagina and absorbed into the blood there. also called vaginal suppository 2. a contraceptive device worn inside the vagina to prevent spermat...
dangerous drug
    1. a drug which is harmful and is not available to the general public, e.g. morphine or heroin 2. a poison which can only be sold to specific persons dark adaptation 100
    1. a fine wire used as a probe in surgery 2. a wire inserted in a catheter to give it rigidity
  1. 1. a fixed joint where two bones are fused together, especially the bones in the skull 2. a procedure for attaching the sides of an incision or wound with thread, so that healing can take plac... sutura, puntada;
  1. 1. a flat area 2. a film of saliva, mucus, bacteria and food residues that builds up on the surface of teeth and can cause gum damage

  2. A decorative attachment for a frame.

    placa; скопление нал;
  1. 1. a fluid which separates from clotted blood and is similar to plasma except that it has no clotting agents. also called blood serum 2. blood serum taken from an animal which has developed an... suero; (физиол; анафилактиче;
    1. a fluke which enters the bloodstream and causes bilharziasis. also called schistosoma 2. same as bilharziasis (note: although strictly speaking, bilharzia is the name of the fluke, it is also g...
    1. a harsh crackling sound heard through a stethoscope in a person with inflammation of the lungs 2. a scratching sound made by a broken bone or rough joint