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Powder hulk

Глоссарий морских терминов (рангоут, такелаж, устройство судна)
    A hulk used to store gunpowder.

Hulk, английский
  1. 1. a ship, often an old ship or one that has become obsolete or uneconomical to operate, that has had its rigging or internal equipment removed and is incapable of going to sea, but that is afloat and continues to serve a useful function, such as providing living, office, training, storage, or prison space.

  2. Is generally applied to a vessel condemned as unfit for the risks of the sea, and used as a store-vessel and housing for crews while refitting the vessels they belong to. there are also hulks for convicts, and for masting, as sheer-hulk. (see sheers.)

  3. [1] slang for a clumsy or unwieldy vessel. [2] the shell of a wrecked, burned-out, or abandoned vessel. [3] formerly and figuratively, an old sailor worn out in the service. [4] during the 17th to 19th centuries, the hull of a vessel condemned as unfit for sea service, dismasted and moored for use as a training or receiving ship, or a floating crane (sheer hulk), or a floating storage facility (warehouse hulk), or to house convicts or prisoners-of-war (prison hulk). lack of space in the dockyards and the ready availability of ships retired from fighting careers were some of the reasons why the navy used hulks rather than building on land.

  4. Большой неуклюжий человек большое неповоротливое судно

Powder, английский
  1. Talc or other fine particle substance used to reduce friction between a hand bridge and the cue

  2. Порошок; порох

  3. A medicine in the form of a fine dry dust made from particles of drugs  he took a powder to help his indigestion or he took an indigestion powder.

  4. See gunpowder.

  5. Short form of gunpowder.

  6. Измельчение в порошок

Powder barrel, английский

Powder blower, английский
    Compressed air device used to deliver a cloud of dry magnetic particles to the surface of a test object.

Powder box, английский

Powder bulb, английский
  1. Pneumatic device compressed by hand to deliver a cloud of dry powder developer to the surface of a test object.

  2. Container compressed by hand to deliver a cloud of dry magnetic particles to the surface of a test object.

Powder carrier, английский

Powder center, английский
    Component of the fresh-powder feeding system, which includes the powder/fluid container and the injectors

Powder chest, английский

Powder circuit, английский
    Powder that is not deposited on the workpiece is col­lected and conveyed back into the powder container to be resprayed

Powder coat , английский

Powder cutting, английский

Powder developer, английский

Powder dispensing can, английский

Powder explosive, английский

Powder factor, английский

Powder feeding, английский
    Transport of the powder from the container to the pistol or from the recycling system back into the container

Powder feeding control system, английский
    Система подачи шлакообразующей смеси в кристаллизатор мнлз

Powder flame spraying, английский

Powder forging, английский

Powder hose, английский
    Hose through which the powder-air mixture is trans­ported from the injector to the coating pistol

Cunt splice or cut splice, английский
    A join between two lines, similar to an eye-splice, where each rope end is joined to the other a short distance along, making an opening which closes under tension.

Coal hulk, английский
    A hulk used to store coal.