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Relative power

Statistic terms
    A comparison of two or more statistical tests, for the same experimental design, sample size, and nominal alpha criterion value, in terms of the respective values of power. also see : beta.

Pow, английский
  1. A name on the scotch shores for a small creek. also, a mole.

  2. Prisoner of war.

Pow (proof-of-work), английский
    Доказательство выполненной работы,

Powder, английский
  1. Talc or other fine particle substance used to reduce friction between a hand bridge and the cue

  2. Порошок; порох

  3. A medicine in the form of a fine dry dust made from particles of drugs  he took a powder to help his indigestion or he took an indigestion powder.

  4. See gunpowder.

  5. Short form of gunpowder.

  6. Измельчение в порошок

Powder barrel, английский

Powder box, английский

Powder carrier, английский

Powder center, английский
    Component of the fresh-powder feeding system, which includes the powder/fluid container and the injectors

Powder chest, английский

Powder circuit, английский
    Powder that is not deposited on the workpiece is col­lected and conveyed back into the powder container to be resprayed

Powder coat , английский

Powder cutting, английский

Powder dispensing can, английский

Powder explosive, английский

Powder factor, английский

Powder feeding, английский
    Transport of the powder from the container to the pistol or from the recycling system back into the container

Powder flame spraying, английский

Powder forging, английский

Powder hose, английский
    Hose through which the powder-air mixture is trans­ported from the injector to the coating pistol

Powder house, английский
    An isolated storage place for gunpowder; once found in areas subject to enemy attack; also called a powder magazine.

Powder hulk, английский
    A hulk used to store gunpowder.

Powder keg, английский

Comparison, английский
  1. (логическое) сопоставление a) an ordinary comparison of two objects belonging to the same classes (v.a.k.) she is like her mother. b) weighing two objects belonging to one class of things with the purpose of establishing the degree of the

  2. Сравнение, сличение

  3. Сравнение

  4. N сравнение compensation 30 concept degree of ~ степень сравнения (тж. degree)

  5. Сравнение; сличение; сопоставление; компарирование

  6. This is an operation that compares things like if the values in two variables are equal. in processing the equals comparison is done with the double equals: ==. in netlogo it is done with a single equals: =. other comparisons are things like not equal and greater than.

  7. Short for "comparison ticket," a memorandum between two brokers that confirms the details of a transaction to be carried out.

Statistical, английский

Experimental, английский
  1. Экспериментальный

  2. A эксперимен- тальный phonetics

Respective, английский

Algorithm(1), английский
    A formal statement, clear complete and unambiguous, of how a certain process needs to be undertaken. also see : algorithm(2).

Randomisation distribution, английский
    A collection of values of the test statistic obtained by undertaking a number of re-randomisations of the actual data within the randomisation set. also see : confidence interval, randomisation test.